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Different Vishwakarma societies in different forms at different places have been existing in our country and may be world over too. But mostly they are operating in isolated manner at local level without interacting with other Vishwakarma societies existing in the country.

With the invent of internet and new technology the global area has been reduced. In no time people can communicate, exchange their views, arrange a virtual meeting, share the information with others. Taking into consideration the benefits of the latest technology, the idea of launching a website for our organization was conceived which can be a common platform through which we can bring people of our society from different spheres of life closer, convey our and share others views, ultimately contributing to the overall development of our society.

Presently, we envisage to provide the following information on the website.

:: Introduction of each member of the organization at international level. Each member will be provided with a login Id and Password to access the website.
:: Availability of members information to any existing member of the organization.
:: Matrimonial - Availability and access to matrimonial data of wards of members thereby helping them to find suitable match for them.
:: Educational - Latest information related to admission, courses being conducted at different Univarsities, Colleges etc.
:: Feedback - Useful suggestions from members for the development of society.

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